Applications Of Glazed Tiles

The use of glazed tiles in commercial buildings as well as homes is highly popular due to the reflective surface that these tiles possess. Glazed tiles are a category of ceramic tiles. These have a layer of glaze applied, which is either sprayed on or painted. The tile is then fired at high heat, which causes a chemical reaction. This leads to the glaze being vitrified and it turns into a glass. The tile that forms becomes resistant to stains and water due to the glaze. The tile takes on an attractive look and there are different designs and colors that can be used to create a unique look on these glazed tiles.

About ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are age old tiles that have been in construction. The tiles are made from clay that is rolled out in flat sheets which are then cut into tiles of different shapes, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, and square and others. Any commercial interior design work that requires interiors be redone can have glazed or ceramic tiles used for different floors or wall solutions. Ceramic tiles are fired in kilns at high temperature, which makes them hard, durable and can be used for different purposes.

Advantages of glazed tiles

Glazed ceramic tiles have greater advantages as they are glazed after being formed and hardened by firing again. The firing temperature varies which depends on the glaze used or the kind of clay that is used for creating the tiles. If you are planning reinstatement work in Singapore in corporate bathrooms, you might want to add glazed tiles to the renovated space. The finishes often range from matte to glossy finishes. Glazed tiles are easy to use in construction work as they do not need to be sealed from water additionally. As a water-tight grout is applied when glazed tile floors are made, such a floor can be long lasting. Glazed tiles also come in different textures which can vary from coarse matte tiles that are good for flooring to smooth tiles that are good for splash backs and countertops.

If you are looking for glazing work to be done, get in touch with construction companies that specialize in masonry works. Such services have different kinds of stones and tile related works and expertise to offer. You could also look up flooring tile companies that have different kinds of tiles on offer. It is possible to look up online catalogs where such products are listed along with images and product details. You can then place online queries as per the products you wish for.