Choosing Between Tablets, Laptops And Desktops

Computer can be divided into 3 categories, namely tablet, laptop and desktop. All 3 types perform the same task albeit with minor differences. Here are the pro and cons of each.
TabletsTablets are the most portable of all devices. Tablets became popular after the release of the Apple iPad.. The other defining feature of the tablet is its touch screen, therefore it is very comfortable and easy to use any way you want. The considerably low weight is an added advantage. Most tablets now have the ability to wirelessly connect with an external keyboard for typing. Since the inception of the iPad, tablets have become faster and more powerful.
Tablets initially had applications which could be downloaded from an app store which allowed them to use smaller and less feature packed versions of laptop or desktop applications. Now the applications are similar and some are the exact copy of their desktop counterpart. Some tablets have begun to use core i3, i5 and i7 processors similarly to a laptop. Gaming in a tablet is possible but it cannot play AAA graphic intensive games like desktops or laptops.
Tablets are best for people who travel all the time and need a smaller device that is extremely portable with a very good battery life. Tablets are not as powerful as laptops and don’t have as many ports. It may not be in league with the laptops but it is nearly there.
LaptopsLaptops hold the middle ground between tablets and desktops. The main features of a laptop are its portability and the ability to do everything a desktop does. Overtime laptops have become thin and very fast. Most laptops use very similar processors to desktops.

SSD’s are mostly used on laptops due to fast transfer speeds and their small size. SSD’s are more expensive than HDD’s therefore most laptop manufacturers give less storage space and offer other solutions such as cloud storage. Dell storage solution and HP storage solutions are some storage solutions that are offered.
Laptops are upgradeable and most laptops come with the ability to replace the battery and HDD or SDD. There are many mobile versions of desktop graphic cards that are used for laptops. Therefore laptops can be used for AAA gaming but desktops can handle gaming much better.
DesktopsDesktops are as the name states primarily used on a desk. Due to this fact it is also the faster than laptops and tablets. Desktops are better in nearly all tasks that can be done by a tablet and laptop. Another advantage of the desktop is that it offers value for money. For example a Dell laptop in Singapore will be more expensive than a desktop with similar specs.
For gaming desktops are the best because they offer the best graphic cards as there is no trade off to save power nor to be portable. Desktops are best for people who needs very powerful specs and do not require portability.