Important Factors On Wiring And Cables

If you are hiring an electrician to get wiring done in your newly built home, you would want to ensure that they will not cheat on you by any means. Many, with years of experience have claimed how they have been victims of cases like being cheated with low quality wires and cables when they had paid for high quality ones; therefore, knowing a little detail on this field will not hurt but only work for the best of your interest and benefit, not allowing anyone to cheat on you in the process of wiring your property. Following are some of the important factors you need to know.

What is it?What is the difference between a cord and a cable? A cable is the combination of cords. In other words, when two cords are running along together, it is known as a cable and braided wires which are bonded and twisted with each other are also contained in a cable. These so called cables come in different types that will suit the purpose you require and according to the role you want it to play. Following are some types of cables that you should have knowledge on.

What are the different types?Out of the different types of cables, we will be looking at three main types, namely; mechanical cables, electric cords and power lines. Towing, hauling and lifting tasks are usually done by these types of cables that contain wire ropes. These also convey force by use of tension. Second type, which are electric cords, are used in installations in buildings or industrial sites which might need servicing like HDB rewiring. Power lines, also known as high voltage cables are used to distant power transmissions.

Types of electric cablesThis section focuses on how to select the right type of electrical cable which would suit the purpose that you need it for. Some of the commonly used electric wires in wiring, HDB power trip etc. are coaxial, ribbon cables, copper clad cords, metallic sheathed cable, twisted pair, elevator cable, arresting, sensing cable, communications cable and submersible cable. These all differ from each other where their primary use would vary from mobile device use to audiovisual devices.

Power cablesPower cables are considered to be a type of modern cables produced according to the different uses that they will be used for. Large insulated conductors used in industries are usually known as power cables. However, when you have such sufficient knowledge on cables, getting the wiring job in your house without any party involved cheating on you will not be a difficult task as you too have self educated yourself on the subject.