Important Things To Check In Your Car

Sometimes it is expensive to have your car serviced most of the time. It may be much cheaper to do it yourself. There is basic maintenance which you could do yourself. Also taking care of your car is an important duty you should not delay nor ignore. Maintaining your car will enable your car to be safe and in good working conditions. Another thing to note is that not all cars alike but most are quite similar, except when compared to electric vehicles which work differently that petrol or diesel vehicles. Anyhow here are important things to consider when maintain your car.

Tyre pressure
The tyre pressure would differ from the front two wheels and the rear two wheels. Always check the tyre pressure from your car manual or if the tyres are of specific brand check with them. If the tyre is under inflated it would result in drag and therefore would use more fuel. Also it affects breaking and handling as well. Always check your tyre pressure every month. Checking and filling your tyre can be done at a petrol station and costs very little.

Cleaning air vents and replacing air filters
The car air vents over time will accumulate dust and cause odors. This can cause respiratory problems for people. There are sprays and brushes that can be used to clean the air vents. Also the air filters will be needs to be replaced. The air filters are important in creating a ventilation system for the engine and removing the particles that enter through the air shaft in Malaysia that could affect the engine. This may seem like a minor detail but it helps in keeping your car fresh, clean and the engine safe from particles.

Fluid levels
Your car may use water or some king of coolant which may need to replaced or replenished. These coolants help your engine stay cool or warm when required. This improves the engines longevity and keeps it running in good condition. If you fail or forget to replenish the engine may overheat and stall. In this case there is a possibility you may have to even replace the engine.

These are basic problems which you could handle yourself. Over time you may learn how to work with the engine and to check other issues by yourself which is a big plus. There are some who crack their bell housing clutch and are able to weld it themselves which saves them considerable money. In any case this DIY maintenance will save quite a bit of your money.