Signs Of A Happy Marriage Vs. Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

Many people stay together out of duty when they are marriage and often do not think about whether they are truly happy together. In many cases, when you are married, society makes it feel as if you are stuck together for life and that you will have to stay together no matter what happens and often looks down on people that are divorced or separated. People who are married for a second time will often get judged and looked at in the wrong way and with all of this in mind, many of us simply take it for granted that we are “stuck” with that person we married for life and rarely think about whether we made the right decision and whether we are truly happy with our partners. However, it is important that you do stop and think about it once in a while because if you are happy together, if you feel you have made the right decision, then thinking about it will make you feel better about yourself and your decisions because you will be reconfirming it for yourself.

You are uncomfortable
If you are uncomfortable with your partner and are afraid to express your opinions or express yourself, then you might want to start thinking twice because this is a sign of a bad marriage, while you do not need to start seeking out the divorce lawyer in Singapore just yet, it would be a good idea to consider marriage counselling or at least having an honest conversation with your partner about how you feel.

If however, your partner is abusive and does not respect you, then you have bigger problems to worry about. Abuse does not always have to mean you being beaten up physically. You can be abused in words and often verbal abuse is worse than physical abuse. If you feel abused, it might be a good idea to start speaking to the best divorce lawyer you can find because nothing is worth staying in an abusive marriage and if your partner is abusive, the chances are that things are not going to get better. For further information you can definitely click this site for deed of separation.

You are best friends
One of the best signs of a good marriage is that you are best friends with your partner and that you feel comfortable to share anything with your partner no matter how big the problem is. Of course, when you are best friends, it is still important for you to keep the romance alive by going on date nights and doing things for each other because it is easy to become just best friends and no longer a couple along the way.