Why Ditch The Box For An Open Air Alternative?

If you were used to taking pictures at those photo booth boxes located in most shopping complexes, or if you remember taking those photos to use when making your passport, you should be fairly knowledgeable about the fact that these just not as commonplace as they used to be quite a while ago. Sure, they haven’t entirely disappeared off the face of the Earth, but we have to agree on the fact that they are being supplanted by the more recent open-air booths.

Before you start feeling bad about losing a part of your teenage years or early twenties, let’s just think about the concept of photo booth boxes once more: are they really that practical, considering that anybody who needs to take a photo has to get inside an extremely cramped space to do so? When you start thinking more about the various differences between open air and box booths, you should start to understand the fact that the former just have a lot of advantages compared to the latter, with some of the more significant ones being as follows:

Fewer Space Restrictions to Contend With

What’s a better solution to make your photo better than adding as many people as you can for a full group photo shoot? When you think of it that way, you can see that open-air booth will just allow you to take photos regardless of the number of people in your group. The same can’t be said for closed boxes, where you will be able to comfortably fit only four or five people. Thus, it is natural that most animated GIF photo booth rental nowadays is of the open air variety.

Better Lighting

Another main advantage that open-air booths have over boxes is the fact that they allow you to freely adjust the lighting as you wish. Thus, you can take photos of a much higher quality than if you were to use a box booth. At the end of the day, what’s the point of taking a photo if it turns out to be too dark to properly recognize your face?

The Portability

Virtually everybody out there will find a portable open-air booth to be more advantageous than a box booth. For example, an open-air animated GIF photo booth could be taken to your next couple of oncoming events and then be lent to your friend for his or her wedding party night.

Easier to Customize

Open-air booths also trump box booths when it comes to customization options. Adding a backdrop or custom props is easier to do when you have more room to operate within, as well as a better view of how to place things.